Laser Toenail Fungus Therapy- Why It Is More Effective?

Laser Toenail Fungus Therapy- Why It Is More Effective?

Laser toenail fungus therapy is one option for treating the problem. This treatment is safe and effective and offers minimal recovery time. Low-level laser treatments are performed under a patient’s guard. It uses computer program-controlled lasers and minimizes the buildup of heat. It also features patient guards, which prevent the heat from building up.¬†Look at this site to find toe fungus treatment near me.

Treatment with a low-level laser:

Laser therapy is a relatively new way to treat toenail fungus. The laser shines light into the affected toenail, vaporizing fungus and leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. The wavelength of the laser is specifically set to target fungi.

It is safe and effective:

Low-level lasers are safe and effective at eliminating fungi, so they are a promising treatment option. A variety of low-level lasers are available, including the Noveon laser, which costs about $20,000. It targets the affected toenails by projecting two wavelengths of near-infrared light. Because of this unique wavelength, the laser can selectively kill toenail fungi. A clinical trial showed a 50% cure rate after four treatments.


Laser toenail fungus therapy is a new and effective treatment method that uses laser technology to kill toenail fungus. The procedure involves repeated treatments over three months, typically lasting five to 15 minutes. In addition, it is extremely safe and effective, with most patients noticing an improvement within the first treatment.


Laser therapy can be used to treat toenail fungus. The process is painless and fast. It doesn’t remove the toenail, but it does kill the fungus. A new toenail will grow after about six to twelve months. After treatment, you’ll need to follow a few home care tips to keep the toenail healthy. Your podiatrist can help you with these tips.

Laser treatment can be used as a one-time treatment or a series of treatments. The treatment is performed in an outpatient setting without any anesthesia, and you’ll feel very little discomfort during the process. The laser light beam targets the infected toe area, leaving the healthy tissue alone. Laser treatment kills toenail fungus without the harmful side effects of oral medications. In clinical studies, laser treatment has been shown to kill toenail fungus and promote the growth of healthy, clear nails. Most patients see a marked improvement after their first treatment.